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Banned EU Scourge: '' panthus Sappho

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Offender: '' panthus Sappho (76561198999372883) (939972657)
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 18:43 BST
Length: Permanent until appealed
Reason: Stealing/Looting 

Player has previous 3 day ban for Toxicity and theft. 
Other admins have witnessed him stealing from Garrisons he didn't participate in. When approached regarding the stealing, he was disrespectful towards the admin in question. 
Was giving another warning and noted that a ban will be issued on the next Occurrence of stealing. 
On 14/May/2021 it was reported to me that the player had been toxic at a Garrsion, and i also observed this in BM chat logs. Later that same day, the player stole loot crates from a personal heli. Ban implemented as the player has had multiple verbal and official warnings and his behaviour has not changed on the server.


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(or i bought items left by users .. but that doesn't make sense to me) (original sentence structure needs proper punctuation to make more perfect sense.. this can mean a lot of things as written... I think)



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  • Staff

Thank you for taking the time to appeal.

On the 25th of January you had a 3 day ban for Toxicity and Theft. 

Over the last couple of weeks i and other admins have witnessed multiple cases of you being Toxic towards players and stealing from others.

on 08th of May you were issued a final warning for Stealing from another player. 

on the 14th of May you first were extremely toxic towards a player at a Garrison event. Garrison events are meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. I have explained this to you multiple times, i also tranlsated it to your native language for you to make sure you understand it but your behaviour did not change.

Shortly after the Garrison incident you then prodeced to steal loot crates from 2 players Personal Helicopters. 

Stealing and toxicity are against our server rules and will not be tolerated therefore the ban will not be lifted.

I hope you find a server better suited to your playstyle and i wish you the best of luck. 



İtiraz etmek için zaman ayırdığınız için teşekkür ederiz. 25 Ocak'ta Toksisite ve Hırsızlık için 3 günlük bir yasak vardı. Son birkaç hafta içinde ben ve diğer yöneticiler, oyunculara karşı Zehirli olduğunuz ve diğerlerinden hırsızlık yaptığınız birçok duruma şahit oldum. 08 Mayıs'ta, başka bir oyuncudan çalma konusunda son bir uyarı aldınız. 14 Mayıs'ta bir Garrison etkinliğinde bir oyuncuya karşı aşırı derecede zehirliydin. Garnizon etkinlikleri herkes tarafından paylaşılmalı ve bundan zevk alınmalıdır. Bunu size defalarca anlattım, anladığınızdan emin olmanız için anadilinize de çevirdim ama davranışınız değişmedi. Garrison olayından kısa bir süre sonra, 2 oyunculu Personal Helicopters'tan ganimet sandıklarını çalmaya çalıştınız. Hırsızlık ve zehirlilik sunucu kurallarımıza aykırıdır ve tolere edilmeyeceği için yasak kaldırılmayacaktır. Umarım oyun tarzınıza daha uygun bir sunucu bulursunuz ve iyi şanslar dilerim.

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