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Securing your stuff on Pure


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So this is specifically for the people who play on Pure or for people who just like to build. The most consistent complaint I hear is "someone stole this or that".  Well I made a few buildings that I want to share. For the record, I play on Scourge but I started on Pure.

The first is a enclosure for a pumpjack. Keep in mind you can make it out of whatever material you want. I chose HQM with prison bars just because I like the look of it. It's a 7x5x5 with a hole in the middle to place the pumpjack in. You still want a pretty flat surface otherwise it will be wonky and crooked. I've seen people do smaller versions but parts of it will be clipped out if any smaller than my dimensions. I chose to use floor grates on top but it can be a solid roof. Do not leave it open. You can see a small room in the third picture where I put a TC. That room also holds a large battery and the first of five ladder hatches going all the way to the roof. Put a lock on those too.

The second is a room for large furnaces and refineries. This building can vary in size to fit your needs. I do a 7x5x2 with the middle being open ground. I usually run 4 large furnaces and 4 refineries and it holds all of that with plenty of space left over. You have to have the floor grates at least above the furnaces or they won't operate. You can leave an open roof but that negates the purpose of this post. People just jump down in and loot. 

Last up is a mall hangar for a mini-copter. Mine is super basic. It's a 3x2 with a garage for entry. If you hold the left control key down, you can drive on the ground right in the door and repeat the process to back it out. It's attached to a small helipad which can be any dimensions you like. Mine is fairly large because I'm still not the best at tight landings.

If you plan on doing a farm, you can build it inside as well. If you plan on using chain-link or prison bars,  you will want a buffer zone (last picture as an example) because things can be still be picked through those. As always, use a ceiling. Do not leave it open. 

I don't have a garage at the moment but a lift can be placed in as little as a 2x3. A 3x3 gives more mobility and more work room though. But as always, make sure it's completely secured and locked. If you have a lift that is accessible by anyone, they can just remove the key and drive off. Yes there are ways to cut power to it if someone is near which prevents removing a key, but then they can just damage it enough to break into it and still drive off.

So that covers your bigger stuff that has to be outside. For inside, put locks on all your doors, boxes, tool cupboard, etc. A Key Lock is fine if you're playing solo and does not actually require a key for the owner to open. Code Locks are more for teams imo but can be broken into if someone is persistent enough. Make sure every separated building has it's own TC which should be locked. Don't put any containers near a window if you're using window bars. I only use strengthened glass windows personally. If you have horses, you can put those inside as well with troughs. They fit best through garage doors but a double door will work in a pinch if you want to lead them in and out.

If you have doubts about the security of your build, you can always ask and admin to do a security check. I'm sure I am missing something so please feel free to add any tips of your own or corrections.











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23 minutes ago, Skulavich said:

Great info, Thx.

A question on the Pumpjack;

Can you build the footprint 1st and drop the PJ in or did you surround it afterwards?

Gotta build the whole thing first. Once you place a pumpjack, it prohibits building. So I recommend keeping it a short distance from your base if you plan on building more.

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