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Custom Maze Monument in memory of 30013Z3R0 of US Pure

Rosemary Mint

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Could you please consider taking one of the mazes designed by 30013Z3R0 and his teammate a3/0scLuaun and using it as one of the custom monuments in a future wipe?

The mazes were fun (even to me, and I'm claustrophobic).  He and his teammate have helped many players over the months that I've played...  It would be a fitting tribute to a good guy who is missed by many who knew him.


Rosemary Mint of US Pure

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3 hours ago, The Last Master said:

The one from FEB I believe was amazing, a way to restore that would be pretty impressive. 

was that the triangle one? i have most of his map of that version with the exception of the 5th floor.  


18 minutes ago, Death said:

I would love to do this. Could you possibly send me over the design or even a foritfy file if possible? ❤️ 

i'll see what i can come up with!  he always built them while i collected the mats, however the one i created this wipe seems to function correctly so far! 

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