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June monument picks


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Here are our June custom monument picks that'll be live on all of our maps tomorrow following the big update!


Apartment Complex
Author: Banana
Link: https://codefling.com/monuments/apartment-complex


Multi Story Carpark
Author: DocNorris
Link: https://codefling.com/monuments/docs-multi-storey-carpark-hdrp-ready


Author: FireCrow
Link: https://codefling.com/monuments/satellite-dish-outpost

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11 minutes ago, JJ死 said:

Will the satellite dish outpost replace one of the current safe zones like Bandit or Outpost or will it be completely separate monument?

Custom monuments do not replace vanilla monuments. They're added alongside them.

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Good gods, I cant await it! You will find me in the apartment complex. Parking my mini in the car park. 😉

Even when it comes in a part, I can see the heli distress signals raining on this monument. 😜  Complete would be huge. When additionally scientists would lurk around... 😉

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