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New XP levels


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I find in a squeeze sometimes the guns are a little unruly. 

some of these guys kick like a mule, sending your aim into the stratosphere after just one shot. which really doesn't help when you've got a shotgun wielding scientist in your face.

I propose some sort of Combat XP system, just like how gaining levels in mining gives you extra ore when you mine, make it so that the more headshots you get, the smoother the guns operate. The faster the reloads, the less they kick.

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On 6/11/2021 at 2:17 PM, rubiks-q-bert said:

No disrespect but I gotta ask, how easy do you want this game? Not gonna help yourself get better if it just gets more and more dumbed down.

the literal fuck do you mean by get better and and easy?

Why the fuck do you think I play exclusively on pve?


if I could fucking play this single player I would.

I try very very hard, but I seriously cannot care any less than I do now about the PVP scene. 

I wanna progress and feel good, gunning mother fuckers down in the military tunnels, popping off on tanks and zombies. 

I have no desire to get spawn and door camped by racist 12 year olds screaming the N word over proximity while I just wanna mine build cool shit and kill npc enemies.

Now, I do mean offense when I say fuck off with your whiney "that's too easy" bullshit. If I wanna shoot fish in a barrel by your mother's bearded ass I'll fucking shoot fish in a barrel. I wanna be able to see progression in weapon skills, that's not a sin stop fucking whining because people play differently than you.

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