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Banned AU Survival - council.drewzzy

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Offender: council.drewzzy (https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/896472842)
Server: AU Survival
Time: 3:33PM AEST
Length: 3 Days   Perminate (see Edit)
Reason: Stealing from players, Harassment to players
More Info:
council.drewzzy removed items from another players chest within their base, was caught in the act by myself and asked to return items. council.drewzzy was being difficult so issued another warning which then council.drewzzy returned the remaining item. Not to long after council.drewzzy returned to the players base and started to harass them after telling them to stop council.drewzzy continued leading to the 3 day ban.

Instead of appealing this ban council.drewzzy chose to rejoin on a second account (VirginGang ) which in turn was issued a perminate ban for a greater offence, therefore this ban has been also increased to permanent.


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  • Elixil3 changed the title to Banned AU Survival - council.drewzzy

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