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Appealing a ban : Toxicity

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Thank you for appealing your ban.

You have had multiple chances to curb your behaviours on our servers and on Discord. 

Your first PSA was for camping Bradley, sharing loot, and being disrespectful to other players on June 8.

Later that day, you received your first warning for player disrespect and stealing loot on cargo.

On June 9, you received a PSA for admin disrespect after a sexually suggestive comment.

On June 14, I muted you for 24 hours in Discord after you went on a long rant about the server rules and policies, and finished it with advertising other servers, which is against the rules.

This spilled over in-game, in which I asked you twice in chat to move on, followed by a final warning via console that disrespect and negativity is not allowed.

After this, on June 14, both you, myself, and Death were involved in a 30 minute conference call in which he heard your side of the story, and he explained the server rules and policies in depth. We both made it very clear that this was your final chance to change your behaviour and to follow the server rules. And that your behaviour and disrespect towards other players and admins was unacceptable.

The permanent ban today was for player disrespect and toxicity. Unprovoked, you went at another member of the community in global chat in-game, and when others stepped in, you went at them as well with insulting and disrespectul comments. Due to the sensitive nature of the chat, I will not post the transcript here publicly. 

Your comments were completely unacceptable behaviour. Considering the number of chances you have had, a permanent ban was placed. And it will not be lifted.



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17 minutes ago, SpicySkink said:

After donating 200$ to the server I get banned. Nice.

Supporting the server is appreciated and I thank you for that, however, our community rules apply equally to all players, regardless of their roles and purchases. 

This thread will be locked as no further appeal will be considered.

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