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New Messaging Mod causing Issues - Can't see announcements or tp requests


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Don't know about anyone else, but a bunch of people on #US-Survival were talking about how difficult it was to see the notifications pop up, for trades, tp requests, even that a garrison had spawned, because of the location of the messages. Others mentioned that as the result of pile-up of messages, that occasionally their game would crash. So I'd love to open a topic of discussion [as well as make sure admins know to read the chat logs around this time, last night, to read the comments and feedback regarding the current issues presenting players who are among the top heavy users of the system.... and see if it's not just US-Survival that's having the issues.

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Ok so my  View on this is the following, I understand with my current net issues i may encounter some of my own issues but figured here would be best place to start.

So the new notification system for me when i get a trade, a heli pops up or a garrison pops up, so i get the black rust logo in the corner but in the meantime as my game continues  to load that garrison notification or tp request hinders my ability to move right or left until i accept or clear that notification from the corner, I have also noticed numerous players join who do not know how to access the new system by hitting enter in chat and dismissing the message for me the following issues occur:

Anytime i attempt to teleport using a tp request my game crashes no matter how populated the area is that im attempting to tp to, Also when a garrison pops up on the notification bar, i am unable to use TP/Allow someone to tp to me, or move right or left until i dismiss that notification. 

I also feel like the hidden garrisons are perfectly fine and the notification bar can stay as long as the current issues are fixed. My recommendations to fix it are, revert the Tp requests and trade requests to the center of the screen, but continue to have whatever mod that hides the garrisons but still notifies players on the left corner, as long as that notification doesn't hinder players. 

I'm open to discussion about the issues this plugin/mod/addon has caused not only me but my team, and multiple members of the server to miss vital trade opportunities or teleport requests. My opinion is to revert, Just my personal opinion and unless anyone else here can give a valid point as to how the new system benefits the server please have a voice here.

for me when a notification pops up with the new system my char is entirely frozen until the logo of that garrison or whatever is loaded in the top left corner, It also prevents me from moving right to left until dismissed. 


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i like that there's a picture of the garrison with the notification and a time stamp BUT as someone who isn't interested in garrisons i feel the need to interact with the notifications hourly or when it fills up the side of the screen (is opt in/out possible?) Could a picture be there with a countdown to the spawn of the next garrison instead (doesn't count down when it has spawned and be out of the messages section.)
The opaque bar makes me think i should be able to click the whole bar but only the triangle in the middle is open/close ? it's a bit touchy for a game where an npc can kill you before working out the cursor stuff (example being stuck in cursor mode and unable to move/shoot.)  Newcomers (who see they have messages, feel the need to know how to access them and it gets asked many times in chat.)

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