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Simple Tricks and Tips for Day One.


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In the game, there are certain materials you cannot craft. Tarps, Tech Trash, Sheet Metal, etc.

Fastest way to get tarps is Bandit. 30 scrap gets you a large planter box, recycle it to get 1.
Fastest way to get sewing kits/rope is through the gloves found in Outpost. Recycle them.
Fastest way to get tech trash is through Bandit.
2 medium batteries, and recycle them for 1 tech trash.
Night goggles = 1 tech trash
2 solar panels = 1 tech trash

Sheet Metal, Rope, all the basics can be found inside of Outpost.
Empty Propane Tank, Gears, Metal Blades, Metal Pipes, Metal Springs, Road Sign, Sewing Kit - These can all be learned through research table to create in the future. [takes a tier 3 to make usually]

Mining Quaries [when recycled] gives you wood, metal frags, sheet metal, and gears. Recycle the sheet metal into HQM and scrap, and you can place a Vending Machine instantly. Sell the excess frags to get scrap at Bandit.  

Survey Charges [when recycled] will give you LGF, Gunpowder, Cloth, and Frags. Recycle 10 to get enough to drop a bag, or start the process of powering a PJ. 

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECYCLE A PUMPJACK. Its 'icon' in the inventory is the same as a small stash. a level 10 PJ will turn into 10 cloth. 

Any type of meat, plant fiber, horse dung, or pickles can be placed inside of a composter to create fertilizer. Pickles is Fastest. 

Horses can eat pickles to increase stamina/stay alive.

Short on scrap, but near a river? Corn can be sold for scrap at bandit. 


Salt Water Perfection: 3 Water pumps into 1 Water Purifier will give you unlimited fresh Water. Using a Water Combiner, take the flow from each of the Pumps to combine into the Purifier. The Purifier output will create a never-ending cycle of fresh water. 
The Water Pumps & the Water Purifier, since they're powered, are Fluid Pumps "you need a pump for this connection". 
You can connect multiple sources of water to a combiner, and then daisy-chain your sprinklers. [9 pumps to 3 Water Purifiers to 1 main output will give you 36 water output = 18 sprinklers]
If you know that you're only going to do 6 sprinklers at a time, place a Water Barrel at the start of the water, so that if for any reason there's an issue, the barrel will continue the water for an extended period of time. 
Light Source: Placing 4 planters in a square, you can place a single light in the middle and get all 4 beds.
Water Retention: Placing a sprinkler next to that light will also get all 4 beds.
Heating: Heaters work off a sphere 1-grid outwards. So Placing them at head-height on a wall between 2 planter boxes will allow you to heat the floor above and the floor below. [and 1 box/foundations out] . 

Green Cards found can be sold at bandit for scrap. 

If you have the time, and you want to get gunpowder fast, go to Outpost, purchase 100 smoke grenades, and recycle them. You'll get enough gunpowder for bullets, and metal frags to make the bullets with. 

Fish Traps can be piped. Hobo Barrels give 27k charcoal for every 30k wood [but take 3 days to burn]. Refineries can burn wood faster. 

Press 'H' and slide your mouse across your inventory to pick up multiple things at the same time or place them in a box.
To change the color of your wires or hoses, hold the R button while the wire tool or hose is selected in your hot bar.

Want a good spot to land at night, but don't want the hassle of seeing it all the time? Set up the disco floor to a remote/smart switch. Link your Phone through Rust+. When you're coming in for a landing, activate the smart switch, and you have an instant landing spot colored by your choice. 

To have a never-ending chain of Deluxe Christmas lights, have a bunch in your inventory, and put one in your hotbar. when it gets down to zero,  move a stack into the one in your hotbar. now you can continue your lights, but only spend 6 power to do it.  [courtesy @OnlyAmanda]

You can fish in a pool. Bonuses include having a boonie hat and sitting down. So if you put a boat in a pool, and then fish from it while wearing a boonie hat, you get the bonuses. [which means a backpack filled with cool stuff] 

Having an issue with people stealing from your large water catchers? Put up a foundation around them, chain link the fences. Can't get in. 

9 Large Water Catchers will give a never-ending sprinkler system of 12 water to any location [make sure to put up a fluid pump before the combiner] 

1 Solar panel, 1 medium battery, 1 Electrical Branch, plus a fluid pump [and light if you want], plus a TC, will create a 1x1 that you can daisy-chain a water supply to. Place the Solar Panel on the roof, hook it to the battery, battery to the Electrical Branch...

If you're wanting to use more, 3 solar panels into 1 large battery, which can then daisy-chain to the electrical branch per 'water station' can power up to 30 stations [without the light]

3 solar panels into any large battery will give you an input of 150 power, output of 100. So your battery is always charging, even when it's putting out 100 power. 

Use Root combiners on batteries to combine into one mass power outlet. 


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