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Banned RustEZ Pure AU

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Thank you for appealing. 

With the current cancel culture in the world, racism in all aspects of society is being closely scrutinized.  While we do understand that it still heavily permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers.

Words such as what were used on your account, are not welcome in any context. 

Here are resources that you can explore to learn more:


                                                                The Bias Barrier

                                                            Anti-Racism Glossary

                                                           Anti-Racism Resources


The ban will not be lifted.

Good luck in your future gaming.

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I'm sorry for renaming my sleeping bag the n-word but can I please get unbanned because me and my friend just got the game and the ban (I assume) takes away my access to all rustEZ servers I wanted to figure put how to play the game and I can look through the unban appeals and find many unbans from others that have said this word. I just wanted to learn how to play rust could you please consider an unban.

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Hi NineFired,

I am sorry, but your ban was enacted by the automated system, and I will not reverse it. The system was put in place, along with the ban lengths, by the server owner, and I am not about to change something the server owner put in place.

It is an unfortunate situation, but nothing can be done now.

Hopefully you can find a server that suits your needs, and hopefully you have a better appreciation about the importance of combating racism.

Good luck in your future gaming.

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