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US Scorge Pve Perma Ban appeal

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I was playing then out of no where i was perma banned for "homophobia"  with no warning but ive never said a slur in my whole time playing this server i would atleast like to get my ban shortend or completly appealed and get evidence of me being "homophobic" and if somthing i said sounded Homophobic im so sorry ive spent a lot of time on this server and i really enjoiy it i hope to be forgived.

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Hello there,

Thank you for appealing your ban. There is zero tolerance for the use of homophobic slurs on RustEZ servers. You called me over to deal with a player that was harassing you and your teammate. I asked them to leave, they left your build but were hanging around your doorstep still. As I was writing up the warning for them, I witnessed you calling them an "annoying a** f*g" over voice. This was captured and recorded on video as well. An immediate permanent ban was enacted as per our policy for the use of homophobic slurs.

The ban will not be lifted.


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