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Dome Nation Should Stay!


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I personally feel like Dome Nation is the best custom monument added in the past few months. I think it had a ton of action this wipe and has a great loot/reward investment balance. I think its challenging for a solo player which is something the server lacks as well. The biggest con of this monument is that the skin is that bright green reserved for untextured graphics, but that can be overlooked by the sheer amount of fun it was!



Please strongly consider keeping dome nation, or bringing it back in the future! Thank you!

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I think Dome Nation is alright. But the to balance server and the pop compare to the map would be adding a 2nd or 3rd Bradley (APC)  that is connect with a monument. and If so balance Dome Nation to average playerbase  over a wipe. which mean have more than one Dome Nation and which can stop other from camping monument.

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