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September Challenge: Best Distance Revolver Shot


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Hey gunslinger... nice shot.

Capture the longest distance revolver kill on a wolf during the September wipe on any RustEZ server and submit your combat log by Sep 29th for a chance to win EZ store credits and in-game prizes.  Only your best distance will count for top 3 prizes, however, you may enter as many times as you wish for the GLHF prize.


COMBATLOG: Screenshot must show the F1 Console combat log. To enter the contest, the following must appear in one line in your combat log:

  1. Target ID: wolf
  2. Weapon: Revolver (pistol_revolver.entity)
  3. Distance: Best distance shot will win
  4. Info: killed (must submit the kill shot distance)

To view your combat log: Press the F1 key to open the in-game console and type combatlog.


SCREENSHOT & PLAYER INFO:  Upload your screenshot showing the required info and include your server and in-game name in the post. No cropping or editing - submit only full screenshots.

To take a screenshot:  Usually, F12 will take an in-game screenshot. If F12 is not your default screenshot key use SHIFT + TAB to open the Steam overlay and click the "Set Shortcut" button.

PRIZES: In-game prizes will be delivered on the RustEZ server of your choice during the October 2021 wipe:

  • First: $10 RustEZ store credit
  • Second:  $5 RustEZ store credit
  • Third: 3x supply signals
  • GLHF: A random challenge participant will also win 3x supply signals for next wipe – so upload your revolver kill combat logs for animals, regardless of distance. 

Winners will be announced in this forum thread after wipe. GLHF!


Don't forget to check out our EZ Wild West Adventures themed wipe events! 



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