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New Arrival Jack


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Hiya everyone,

My name is Jack, my ign at the mo is Greenfox. I'm a new arrival to Scourge server been here about 3 days or so, & still kinda finding my feet. Haven't worked out yet if horses are same as vehicles, & they're safe from looters & kidnappers? Please someone leme know in the comments below save me the risk of trial n error. Already lost a RIHB & 2 copters & 1200 scrap in 2-3days and funds are running low 🙃

Really likin the server so far been having a blast, meeting cool people, some crazy, and some awesome! The community is amazing you's have a real gem here! I'm a returning player after about 2 years away & thinking this is the perfect place to find my rusty legs again... having fun learning the game again... and catching up on all the updates I've missed... Damn Gary & the devs have been busy! So whats new in Rust? Still a bunch of creative geniuses, eccentrics & devious psychopaths? 😆


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  • Greenfox changed the title to New Arrival Jack (and some fun RP)

Hey ya, Greenfox ~ Welcome!

Glad you found us!

One of the best places to find out about some of the things that are different (and how it works) on Rust EZ is the FAQ. You can just sit and scroll through it at some point when you're bored.  Here's the blurb on securing your horse.

And always feel free to post questions in the forums or Discord. We have a great (and helpful) community of players and staff here.


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  • Greenfox changed the title to New Arrival Jack

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