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Virtual Pumpjacks


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Virtual pumpjacks allow an infinite amount of players to operate a public pumpjack without interfering with other players. Each player has their own fuel and output containers and their fuel is processed independently of other instances.

This works exactly like our previously released quarry instances. More can be found here: 


Why did it take so long to add pumpjacks?

Now that we've polished quarries, we felt it was time to finally add pumpjacks. We plan to add the excavator in the very near future once we feel quarries and pumpjacks are running smoothly without issue.


Can you still buy pumpjacks?

Yes, you can still buy them from our store and place them where you'd like. Nothing will change in that regard. We will be updating the pumpjack level system to remove the maximum level limit, allowing players to stack as many pumpjacks as they'd like. This update should be out sometime this week.


Will public Quarries and Pumpjacks produce the same as private ones?

Public facilities will always produce slower than privately placed quarries and pumpjacks. Currently, we've doubled their production to produce faster for November as a curiosity. See below for more info.


Are quarries and pumpjacks safe to use?

As of right now, we're very confident they're 100% fixed and have not had any incidents for several weeks. I cannot express how sorry we are for the consistent issues over the past month with fuel and output disappearing. All should be well now!


Are current process rates permanent?

We've currently increased the process rate of all public quarries and pumpjacks for the duration of this month as a courtesy to players for last month's issues. They will be cut in half in November following the forced wipe.

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