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State of the Island Address #4


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We've decided to dedicate another month to continue pumping out bug fixes and performance improvements. We've got some juicy updates planned to tackle some of the long-forgotten (or violently ignored) bugs that have been around for a while.

Do you know a bug? Please report it just encase it hasn't been reported already! https://rustez.com/bugs❤️


We're happy to announce public quarries are back to a stable and functional state, better than before might I add. (No thanks to me, but we'll get to that.) You should have no issue gambling your entire fuel stockpile overnight and not coming back to crippling disappointment, and no I don't mean playing RustEZ servers.

We're so confident they're fixed that we went ahead and instanced pumpjacks! More info here: 


Stability Issues

It's been a rather shitty experience the past couple of wipes with persistent crashes and performance issues. Thankfully, after weeks of agony, and disciplined procrastination, we've finally identified and patched several instability issues and have had great results with continued stress tests throughout September.

In the process, we've also released hundreds of bug fixes, performance improvements, and QoL changes. We'll have a detailed changelog soon as soon as we release all the queued updates out in the wild.


Ticket Responsiveness

Responses on tickets from me have basically been non-existent and I'm very sorry about that. I'm trying my best to get back into the flow of things but life has not been that great to me lately. With IRL issues, and all my free time spent working on the servers I haven't had much time to sit down and go through them.

Huge thanks to the admins and leads who stepped up to keep tickets flowing during my hiatus. If you haven't received a response from your ticket, make sure it's posted in https://rustez.com/help for the quickest response!


Welcome to the Team

We've brought on a new developer to help us keep performance and stability in check, and allow me to get back to doing what I enjoy, no, not breaking things, but releasing new and exciting features. I've got a lot of QoL features coming soon. ❤️

Anyways... Welcome to the team @Raul and sorry in advanced for the lifelong frustration and depression that comes with coding for our servers.


Accepting applications

We're still accepting applications for admin positions. If you're interested send us a quick application at https://rustez.com/apply! Please give us some time to respond to your application.

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