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With the very rapid decline in client and server performance, as well as a highly inflated economy, we've decided to revert the buff to horse dung introduced in the last major update. However, we did leave a little wiggle room for more wiggle room.

In case you missed it, Facepunch buffed dung production from horses by 59900% (.1 to 60) per hour. We've nerfed this back down to .5, which is still 300% faster than before. We hope this will curtail the massive horse farms and put a dent in players' multi-million scrap per day operation.

We absolutely hate having to make such drastic changes from the direction of the game. However, we often have to be the bad guy and adapt changes made to accommodate the scope of our servers. 99% of game changes are geared towards weekly wipe PvP servers, not monthly PvE servers.

As always, we'll continue to monitor the effects these changes make to gameplay and adjust accordingly as we go. We greatly appreciate your understanding and will continue to do our best to make the game playable and enjoyable for all of our players.

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