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Banned AU Scourge: SourFruits_V2

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Offender: SourFruits_V2 BattleMetrics Steam
Server: AU Scourge
Time: 7:49PM AEST
Length: Perm
Reason: Multiple warnings by multiple admins, looting/theft, accessing multiple bases via exploits.
More Info (Optional)

First and second warning on 11/04/2021 for player harassment and damaging vehicles, third warning today for theft, final warning today for accessing multiple bases via exploits.

Player accessed a base with an unlocked TC, took items from boxes and furnaces. (see logs below) - stolen items were taken off their body and given back to the victims as player was kicked by another admin for the rule break,  told to move on and to read the rules when joining back. After a short while, player accessed another players base and attempted to access car lift, I advised him to move on and do not enter another players base, and to yet again read the rules after just being warned for looting. Minutes later player again crouch jumped through an open window that had locked doors. Ban implemented to disrupt further players gameplay and not wanting to follow server rules.






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Thank you for taking the time to appeal your ban.

When you join the server, our server description shows our rules. Multiple PSA's were posted onto global for all to see, and multiple admins verbally told you of our ruleset.

As you've previously been banned before and were lucky enough to have a permanent ban changed to a 3 day, this seems to have not changed your mind on adhering to our rules. Below is your previous ban appeal.


The ban will remain in place, and will not be lifted.

I wish you luck in finding a server that suits your gameplay style.

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