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AU Survival Event: EZ Catch!


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Join us this weekend on AU Survival for EZ Catch! Sunday, Jan 30th at 3:00PM AEST
Everyone is welcome to join just don't come with slippery hands...

The Event will be posted in Discord under #announcements and listed as an event to check local time

How to play:
It's every player for themselves in a race to catch a filled sky lantern.
Players will start in a central ring with enough sky lanterns for each player however 1~ will not have an item. Once the lanterns have been activated players will then chase the lanterns down to have their chance of grabbing an item. Those at the end of the round with an item will progress to the next round, think of this as musical chairs. Once the rounds have been played out leaving 2 players then they will go head-to-head in a final round and prizes rewarded accordingly.

Rules and info:
- You must have joined the event to be eligible
- Players must always remain in the event area
- Only players that get a item will progress
- If you have been knocked out you can leave the event but do not come back and interfere
- All rules still apply, please listen to the admins running the event.
(Breaking any of the above could have you removed and banned from events)

Note: Once the lanterns hit the ground, they will despawn very quickly so grab the item quickly or grab the item before they touch the ground

Prizes | Rewards:
Final Round
Winner : $10 EZcredit
Runner-up : $5 EZcredit

Previous Round Runner-ups
2 x Supply Signal for Feb Wipe

Rounds prior to the final 2
We thank you for taking the time to participate, we hope you had some fun
and hope to see you in future events.


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  • Staff

A big thank you to everyone that participated in the event and bearing with our initial technical difficulties.

Our TOP catches were:
Roomys ($10 EZcredit)
ScarletFox ($5 EZcredit)
weardo98 (2 x supply signal Feb wipe)

And for our bonus fun round
(1 x supply signal for Feb wipe)

The credit will be issued to your EZ wallet, for those that receiving supply drops please let me know what server you would like them sent to next wipe.

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