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Banned for swearing to friend

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i got permanently banned today for using the "f slur" towards my gf in the form of a note. considering we are both parts of the lgbt community, we are okay with the word towards eachother. so i wrote it on a note just as a joke since she was at my base and i instantly got banned. nobody else could see the note and i was going to erase it right after. both of us are very upset about it since it did not involve anyone else on the server, and think it should be appealed. it wont happen again. 

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Thank you for participating in the appeals process, unfortunately after careful review this ban will not be lifted.  I was unable to find any context that would make the language you used appropriate or acceptable for use on the RustEZ servers. Whether meant as a joke to your friend or not that language is not welcome here. Good luck in your future Rust endeavors.

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