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Au Pure - Pu-tang

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Offender: Pu-tang, 76561198058760033 ,  
Server: AU Pure
Time: 9:26am
Length: Perm
Reason: Stealing
More Info (Optional): Watched the player steal continuously from other players barrels and stealing from modular car lifts. Had several discussions with the player and seemed like they weren't going to learn.


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No no no, I hit barrels with another player (Once) and took things from a modular car lifts (Once, and i  still dont know what that is). It seems to me, you've been playing this game for far too long and forgot how the game is experienced by a new player.

How am I to differentiate, between a NPC car and a car parked in the open at night without prior game experience? I hope other admins can review this case, because this is certainly very new player unfriendly admin behaviour!

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Tell me if you were a new player, how would you know if this was player owned or a random in world element? Also it was during night and visibility was poor, which would make it harder for a new player to identify such things.

Additionally I did not try to steal anyone's horse, I simply pressed E to mount as I was curious (as a new player would be). Its good that the Admin are cautious of theft and respect community rules, buts its very disappointing that they show such poor understanding and tolerance toward new players.

Very disappointing admins...

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You entered another player's base and mounted thier horse. You were told to get off, and told about the no stealing rule. You then remounted the horse again.

You have 8 hours game time. Enough time to know the difference between POI's and player builds. Plus you demonstated enough know how in game to know the difference, so your excuse you did not know does not fly.

I hid your first post, as your ban report (and any appeals) will be handled on this thread. No point having duplicate threads confusing things.

Pezza did a fine job in this matter. The only person who should be ashamed is you with your poor behaviour. You are certainly not the first brand new player to Rust joining an EZ server, and yet everyone else can follow the rules just fine.

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Postanou you are also an example of poor admin. Firstly you should not assume 8 hours in game is 8 hours of gameplay, even if it was 8 hours of gameplay you also should not assume a player would know what to do. Also Mounting a horse in a players base is not stealing is it?

Do you go to someone's home and sit on their couch and have them accuse you of stealing their couch? Do you understand that its a new player's natural instinct to interact with objects they haven't seen before.

"Plus you demonstated enough know how in game to know the difference, so your excuse you did not know does not fly." Thats very arbitrary statement with absolute no evidence. Both of you admins should feel ashamed of yourselves, very disappointing.

I recommend you read some book on management and administration, because even in a game, you guys are struggling.

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