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I had a Larger wood box disappear?


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Unfortunately, there is no activity in your logs to suggest someone else messed with your things. Sadly, barring the box deciding it'd had enough of storing things and yeeting itself off the shelves, there's nothing for me to go on to resolve what precisely happened.  

In playful conclusion...
Sleep Rusting is dangerous. Don't do it.
(I once completely deleted my base while mostly asleep. Salvaged hammer + sleep deprivation, and add in that one metal floor you accidentally upgraded from stone... and... yeah... Mistakes were made.)

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  • Staff

This does sound odd, but I've seen similar reports. It is very possible when you placed the box it wasn't properly parented to the salvaged shelf. Same thing happens often when placing things on a wall that isn't properly parented. If this is the case, a server restart, or something being destroyed near it could have caused this.

Sounds like this is the case but it's hard to say. Next time I see you online I'll send a few credits your way!

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