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Banned (US)Scourge nagikoro

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Offender: nagikoro (SteamID) (battlemetrics)
Server: US Scourge
Date/Time: February 18, 2022, 10:10 AM CST
Length: Permanent.
Reason: Raiding and Looting.
More Info:

Player used an exploit to bypass the limit of 8 attempts on a code lock, thereby gaining access to other players' bases. After doing this, they enter players' base and use distress signals to destroy the base and/or its tool cupboard raid it.  This has been done twice.  Admin witnessed the player jumping in and out of the other team's base when the helicopter was summoned. Admin noticed that all code locks had been removed from every door of the base.


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  • 10 months later...

After reviewing your profile, it has been noted that you had raided another player's base by destroying their TC and replacing it with your own.  You raided everything you wanted from their base and left it to rot away. On a second occasion you were caught actively attempting to destroy another player's base by heli-raiding it.  During this event, you refused an admin's request that you stop what you were doing and move away from the base that you did not own.  You were observed picking up a gray satchel from the destroyed base's TC while the heli was still actively trying to kill you.  When the heli was killed, you placed your own TC, then logged off and changed your name in an effort to avoid having a conversation with the admin.

Your actions were egregious, inexcusable, and showed a pattern of behavior that is unacceptable to other players on this server.  Players do not enjoy being raided when they are offline on a PVE server.  (They also do not enjoy being raided when they are online either.)

This ban will not be lifted.  I wish you luck on finding a server that better suits your needs and playstyle.

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