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A few observations that would help


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I'm new to the server but new to noticing things that can be fixed or added.

There's a clutter problem. Most of the major spots that aren't on TP's are surrounded by clusters of bases. If there was TP's to the pump jacks this would be less of an issue. Maybe have monument teleports be slightly more expensive.

Doors and chests need to be auto locked by default. One of my first encounters with a random player was them opening my doors and stealing my car parts.

Severe lack of zombies on scourge. I understand it's the bases blocking spawns, but I expected way more. That said it's a fun mechanic, but i'd like more danger out in the world. 

Some of the monuments have odd building zones that aren't even near their area. IDK what could be done to fix it but it's odd.

There definitely needs to be some kind of limit on decor. I understand it's PVE but some bases i've seen are almost intentional lag machines. 


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although stealing is against the rules ya have to remember this server and any PVE server basically goes against the vanilla layout and if ya on any server but pure there is mods in place to help secure your stuff.  Facepunch has messed up the zombie AI for a few months now what we have is something that Death has put together himself and I am sure he is still tweaking it for the screaming has only been for about a month and a half now I believe. People have mentioned put building restrictions quite a few times and it has been shot down but if it is a lag base for quite a few people sometimes the admins will talk to the player about fixing it.

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On the teleports, I'm all for taking away teleporting. Makes things to easy. It's a PvE server. I get the reason is to help remove clutter, and it has, but I hate anything that makes an incredibly easy game easier.

If you're on scourge, your chests are already locked. You have to "share" them for someone else to access them. Doors, no. It takes no time to make a lock and slap it on as soon as you put the door down.

Zombies have been low since before the AI fuckup. I assume to help with server stability.

The monuments having weird zones I'm pretty sure is on Facepunch.

Building limitations is a lost battle. It's been repeatedly said by leadership that they don't want to limit what players build.

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I am one of those guilty parties that puts a 1x1 near most of the monuments and public PJ's. I would be fine with no teleporting myself, but that would just make me use the 1x1 to F1 even more. 

I would prefer more zombies also on Scourge, but understand the limitations and issues around the current AI. Hopefully eventually it will be worked out.

I am against building limitations myself...Let people be as creative as they want to be! Someone having 500+ lights on a 20x20 6 story base confuses me, but if that's their thing then good for them. What I would like to see is regular decay along with elevated decay on twig (#deathtotwig) after 48 hours so having twig would actually cost more than upgrading to wood after 48 hours. If someone wants a massive base, then they will need to farm quite a bit to keep it. I feel that will help with the number of massive bases versus trying some sort of size limitation.

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  • Staff

I completely agree with the twig thing. Seeing how easy it is to obtain materials with the 3 quarries as well as the excavator (which I'm sure got buffed recently) I don't see why we have a reduced decay on scourge and no decay on the other 2 server types. If anything, I think pure should be default decay anyway seeing as its meant to be a vanilla style gameplay.

I do like the idea of having an increased decay if using twig, I've seen new players come in to the server and see that nobody can break their walls so they don't bother upgrading past twig. We do try to explain about how the attack heli can completely ruin their build if left as twig but some people wont heed the warning until its too late.

I think having a change to decay would go some small way to help slightly increase the difficulty without completely overwhelming newer players.

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