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King of the Hill PVP


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Join us on US Scourge for King of the Hill! Friday Feb. 25 at 8:00PM CST

The Event will be posted in Discord under #announcements and listed as an event to check local time

How to play:
Simple rule. Make it to the top of the tower wins the match! We will have general PVP before hand to get the lay of the land. Real matches will start off with handgun but there will be chests inside arena with elevated firepower!

Rules and info:
- Players must always remain in the event area.

- All server rules still apply, please listen to the admins running the event.
(Breaking any of the above could have you removed and banned from events)

Prizes | Rewards:
Winning of each official match (5 total) : (1) Pump Jack (Donation from Scourge Player) (US Scourge Players Only)

Winners of the five matches advances to the final round for prize of $10 to Rustez.com/store

Participation prizes will also be handed out 

We thank you for taking the time to participate, we hope you had some fun
and hope to see you in future events.

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