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Our support has evolved!


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We're in the process of phasing out /support due to ongoing spam issues and extremely delayed responses with our new support chat, located in the bottom right corner of the website. Our /help section will remain for inquiries that do not need immediate attention, but most inquiries can now be done through the new support chat.

During normal operation hours, responses should only take a few minutes. If you catch us outside of that check back later or wait for an email letting you know we've responded. Thanks to our lovely admin team, we now have 5 dedicated chat operators that will route and respond to requests to greatly reduce response times and streamline the entire support process.

If you still have an outstanding support request through /support please bear with me as I continue to work through the hoard of spam. Once we're caught up we'll be disabling the system and forwarding all internal links, excluding /help to interface with our new support chat.


I look forward to you breaking it,
Love Death.

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