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Changes to Inactive Decay


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Inactive decay is an important part of our backend process to clean up clutter mid-wipe. We know that that losing everything you've earned if you are unable to log in once every 7 days is frustrating, so we've completely overhauled the system.

Starting this wipe, inactive decay will take place in stages. For example, your electricity and circuits will be disabled and we will repo your vehicles and so on until he purge system completes the cycle, after 10 days of inactivity.

  • 4 Days:  Pumpjack, quarries and furnaces are deactivated
  • 7 Days: Electricity and all circuits disabled + water pumps and plumbing
  • 10 Days: All entities are removed besides the ones inside the radius of an active TC

As always, we'll monitor these changes to see how they impact players experience and gameplay and adjust as needed!

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1 hour ago, EAT REBUY said:

If im offline for a week. Will my mod cars on lifts go away when i return

 After 7 days, electrical will stop, meaning yes, mod cars on lifts will begin to decay.
 However, wipe is on the 7th, so... 

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