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Virtual Loot Instancing


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Our new virtual loot instancing is now live on our modded servers. This allows loot from most server events to be instanced between players giving you your own instance of loot, much like our instanced quarries and pumpjacks. Once the event is over, all qualifying players can loot each crate to access their own loot instance. The crate will remain visible until all players have looted.

This currently applies to Bradley and the attack helicopter. As long as you do enough damage, you will get your own instance of loot. This will enable players to freely participate in server events, including personal events called in via distress signals.

As of right now, players must deal at least 20% damage to qualify for Bradley loot. For heli, the top 5 players who dealt the most damage, and dealt at least 500, will qualify for loot. This may change as we continue to polish loot distribution.

If you have feedback on this new system please leave it below! There's plenty of room for improvement. ❤️

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1 hour ago, WaveFunction said:

Death ... I think the details may have been swapped by mistake.

Observation would say:

Bradley is 20% damage to qualify

Heli is 500 damage and in the top 5 to qualify

Thanks for pointing that out. You are correct that indeed was a typo on my end and has been corrected.

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3 hours ago, dave40262000 said:

does this mean that if it is purchased bradley/heli, the person throwing the flare must now deal damage to qualify for loot? Last wipe the person throwing the flare did not need to do any damage. 


No, the person summoning/throwing the flare for bradley/heli will get loot nonetheless if it has dealt any damage to the bradley/heli. Any bystanders will have to deal at least 20% damage in order to be able to loot when crates drop.

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