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Not fencing off islands


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With the maps being 4K (smaller), may I suggest that entire islands are not to be fenced off? (Unless for an event, of course.) 
On AU Scourge there were two entire islands fenced off this wipe and both of them were quite high node spawn areas, thus causing a difficulty for players to mine resources. There were gates/doors, but each time I went there, they were locked. Yes I could have flown in, but chose not to.
I suspect the lack of access to these node spawn points is why there were so many fights over the use of the giant excavator.  
I've observed in the last few wipes that fencing off entire grid areas and preventing access to other players is becoming more common. 
I think that that kind of action is more PVP-like rather than PVE, and I don't think in the community spirit of things. 

I apologise if this offends anyone, it's that I began to notice that quite often in chat this wipe, players new to the server really struggled with finding and farming resources this wipe.

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Entire islands should not be fenced off – by players or admins.  Even in the case of a large team using an island, we would ask they ensure there is an opening (or a gate unlocked or locked but left opened) to allow players to pass through. If this happens again, please let your admin know (or post in # help on Discord and tag the server). This will alert admins to the issue so they can check in with players building in this way and work with them to ensure all players have safe passage through.

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