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I seem to get out of sync and I need to restart to fix.


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It seems I take a step and start lagging like I am out of sync. I could be on two hours or 15 minutes. In an area I have for hours working on my base. Bang I am start lagging and it will only stop after exiting rust and restarting. But the rest of the time no problems. In the old days I would have lag come and go. But I rarely lagged even then. Is there a setting I should check out? 

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I would first try to turn every graphic setting down as far as it can go and if that helps ya can try to toggle them and see the sweet spot. if this does not work I would do a speed test on your internet connection I use speedtest.net for it may be a internet issue and have you tried other servers to see if that may be the issue as well plus how much RAM do you have for that also could be a issue

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