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Extra spray can functionality (Use server skins from /skin)


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I have been thinking if it would be possible, either to:-

  • Extend the function of the regular spray can to include the skins from /skin
  • Implement a clone of the spray can you could buy with net worth (RustEZ Spray Can) that would have the extra skins available in it. (and keep the normal can separate)

Mainly as the spray can was meant to save ripping your doors off to change the skin, but there's no other way to reskin them with the extra skins available (/skin) as the regular spray can will only let you use ones from your steam inventory.

Depends if this is reasonable to achieve within the realm of sanity?

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On 5/10/2022 at 7:29 PM, CypherXP said:

Any traction on this idea? apparently it's quite possible via the mentioned skinbox plugin, depends what is currently being used and how easy it is to edit.

I'll be updating our version of skinbox soon to apply these new updates. Though, it won't be as practical as using the spray can. I'll look into that as a separate feature as soon as we catch up on the todo list.

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