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So long and thanks for all the loot.


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Hey people.

Well, although I'm not very active or popular (I'm more of a reclusive solo who always build deep in the snow and avoid people) I felt the need to write some kind of "testimony" about EZ servers and it's people.

I started playing Rust in 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic. I had lost my job and we were all isolated at home. One of my daughters is a Toxic pvp Chad... I mean... is a Rust player already and she introduced me to the game saying that it have survival and building and I would like it.
To this day, I still don't know if she was trolling me, but I started playing anyways. As we all know, Rust is not exactly the most friendly enviroment at all... so after having my ass kicked by some 12 years olds on regular servers, I decided to search for pve servers to learn the game.
That's when I found the EZ servers.

And I was surprised by the warm welcome from the people. Of course I was looted in the first night offline, but the admins were very supportive and patient with my lack of knowledge and helped me have my stuff back. I remember to this day when @Granny took her time to explain me the rules and the use of a Salvaged hammer to destroy and pick things at my base and the use of the TC.

I planned to stay for a wipe to learn things... and ended staying for almost two years.🙂
I realized that I could chill in this game and it helped me cope with my anxiety during the first year and a half of the pandemic mess.

Overall, I had no bad experiences with the people of the servers I played. US Pure and AU Pure.

Now I am working again and I have little time to play the game, time I decided to dedicate to my family instead.
So I decided to quit Rust.

So long and thanks for all the loot.
Sorry for my broken english.

And @Barry Badrinath, the Crates are all yours now.

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It's always a little sad to see one of our long-time players moving on, but I am so happy that our community could be here to help you cope during the past couple of years. Some helped in our own unique ways.
You take care of that amazing family, and always, Stay Rusty!
Be safe!
Be happy!
Don't forget you're always welcome back!



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  • Staff

Thank-You for your kind words and letting us be there for you during a time when we all needed a little escape from the harsh realities we all called pandemic living.

I am very pleased you found us and with it a place you can always come back to if ever you need it or miss us 🙂 

Stay Safe 

- US Pure  - Northstarz

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