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Change the rule for building in a cave


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Hi, i collected a warning for building in a cave.

There must always be a runway to the exit.. Well if you enter a cave and see after some jumps a door in front of you what will you do?

How easy is it to turn around and walk back out the cave? Is it that hard to figure out?

So nobody can ever build in a cave because peeps need a run trough because they are to dumb to turn around, thats what the rules for right?  Im speechless.

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If I enter a cave and someone built there and blocked usage of the cave system for the entire player base of the server, I'd ping an admin so they were aware and could send a warning to said player so the player could adjust their build to ensure the cave is accessible to all.

People build in caves every wipe, on every server. It's not that difficult to build and ensure you leave enough space for others to have passage through the cave.  

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Ok fair enough, what about a duo cave? You build in 1 section and leave the other open to reach the bucket?

Why is there a need to reach the bucket? In every cave you can turn around and reach the exit, in most cave's even easyer because you dont need to jump..


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There are caves with rooms that can be completely blocked offed based on the cave layout. 3 caves that I am aware of. Just gotta pick the right cave and the right room within said cave. 

If looking at a map, small hard, medium medium, large sewers hard. I've built in all of them with no issues from players or admins. 

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