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I know this wont probably happen as a rule but as a community we need to start thinking about other players and I honestly believe people that use tons of search lights dont for searchlights have caused so many ppl to lag and crash their mini or scrap heli and some have even had to restart their rust for their game crashed altogether. I understand some people have beast pcs but you have to remember the majority probably dont and yes it is not your problem they dont but how would you feel if you were in their shoes. I would like the think my pc is pretty good and even I have struggled with some areas due to too many searchlights. I honestly dont see a need for them on a pve server for your base will never be under attack so ya dont need light outside ya base 24/7 or during every night cycle we have weapon flashlights miners hats for individual use and if ya want some kind of light we have the new industrial lights or even do variations of campfires for that outside light and get some charcoal out of it to boot. I am just suggesting that as a community we start thinking about others that play the game as well and try to not destroy the experience for them and try to be thoughtful.

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Searchlights are just one of many issues that cause unnecessary lag. Go ahead and add massive twig bases, a dozen windmills & massive farms to the list. I agree that people need to be more considerate and think about their fellow players much more than they currently do. Just because a 7 story 20x20 twig base covered in searchlights, composters & windmills is allowed, doesn't mean that you should build it. Everyone knows the impact those type of bases have to the community and I think it is rude to build them. I play on another PVE server where searchlights & windmills are blacklisted and can't be crafted or placed. I have said it before, but I feel that some sort of advanced decay needs to be put into place for twig after 48 hours to make it cheaper to have wood instead. I also have seen where bases over a certain size have advanced decay as a penalty to the upkeep. If you want that 7 story 20x20 base fine, but you will have to farm a ton of resources to maintain it. 

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