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US Pure Ban Raid

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  • Staff

Offender: Raid     Battle Metric    Steam profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:19 am eastern
Length: permanent
Reason: Camping monuments / raiding and stealing
More Info (Optional): 

 After sending out multiple PSA's and giving the player a console warning Raid continued to stay at launch and camp brad.

Raid has prior rule infractions but I wanted to give the player one final chance to be a part of our community after the 3 day ban has concluded

Raid was temp, banned for camping brad.  I changed it to permanent we found his name on a few bases that he raided after his previous warnings. 

Raid has disregarded previous warnings and continued to break the rules. 



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  • Staff

Thank-you for participating in the ban appeals process. You have been given numerous chances and console warnings prior to your ban. Our rules are clearly stated on the splash page upon joining, when typing /rules in chat, on our discord and website and seen through the many PSA's posted throughout your gameplay. Your ban will be upheld. I hope you find a server that better suits your gameplay. - Vishous.

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  • Staff

You were camping a monument after being told it was against the rules. You were at first temporarily banned for continuing to camp launch. 

After your temp ban was placed a couple players reported that bases and personal inventories were raided and missing numerous items. Your name was found on everyone's inventory along with deployables in bases so your temp ban was then changed to a permanent one.

You have broken numerous rules and have been given multiple chances to correct your behavior and game-play on our server and stay in accordance to our rules.

Our rules are clearly stated on our splash page when joining. 

  • No raiding, griefing, or looting of any kind.
  • No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism, or harassment.
  • No camping loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated areas.
  • No building around monuments, or large areas of unused land.
  • You may build on rivers as long as you're not blocking passage for other players.
  • You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
  • No controversial or politically-forward verbiage and/or imagery.

You were first warned for accessing player bases through base exploits and stealing items.

You were warned again by me after you stole, raided and griefed numerous bases and from multiple players.

You removed/destroyed player bases after already being warned for doing similar behavior and were given your final warning on 03/12/2022 informing you that stealing, raiding, harassing and griefing of players, bases and modes of transport were all against the rules and bannable offences. 

You have been given numerous chances to read the servers rules after several console warnings were issued to you. 

You chose to disregard the servers rules on raiding and griefing of players and bases.

As admins we do not make the rules. We are here to uphold the rules that are in place.

After reviewing your gameplay on our server and the numerous warnings and chances you have been given your ban will remain in place.

I truly hope you find a server that is better suited around your gameplay and game style. Be sure to read the rules of whatever server you play on so that this doesn't happen again.


- Northstarz - Head admin for US Pure.


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