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Hey Team,

Please correct this for me so i understand. If i am away for 2 days and dont clear out my stone boxes and it backs up to the quarry container causing it all to stop, should clearing it all out and restarting the quarry make things continue as BAU?

Twice now this has happened this wipe, the first time the Admin online said i had to put down my quarry again, which i did. Its now happened again and I am a little over it.

So just checking in if that's the usual etc. If it is its rather annoying.



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I had about 8 boxes for stone backlog, i get it and understand the flow.

Just broke down my base and cba to get it up again now.

Wife has just logged on after a few days, her separate setup had done the same, and in her backlog boxes for stone she is still only getting stone now continuously even though its not passing through the quarry, its actually off lol, so free stone with no fuel or anything.

It seems to be some imaginary "container" as when she destroyed her quarry she had a huge bag of stone to collect.



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