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i got got banned for being super rude and im sorry

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i was given multiple warnings about stealing and it was just natural temptation but thats not why i got banned, i got banned because i asked for an admins help and got no response for 30 mins, for the third time so i started complaining they admins have lives as well and that got me heated cus if ur gonna be an admin for the most popular pve  server u should be active most of the time and they werent they on most  of the between 10pm to prob 1-3am which a while but that was only at night so thats when not much was happeing so i got triggered and said some means things in their discord that i shouldnt have said and i regret it im sorry to any of the admins / staff that i could have offended and or hurt emotionally im sorry for being very rude and was wondering if i could get a temporary and maybe not permenant ban i do like yalls server the admin service was only thing i did not enjoy very sorry for things i said i will not say anything like that again and be more patient and kind next time also ill try my best to stop stealing from others



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Thank you for your appeal.

It was made clear to you by Northstarz that any further rule infractions could result in a ban. It had been made clear 2 days prior to that by another admin the same thing as well.
You have multiple console warnings(in game pop-ups), and multiple verbal warnings.  Additionally, you broke further rules less than a day after being well cautioned against doing so. 
The level of disrespect you displayed, was beyond uncalled for. 

Yes, our admins are sometimes not online. They have lives.  All our staff are volunteers, we're not here to be at your beck and call.
While I do understand the frustration, there was no cause what so ever to act as you did. 

The ban will not be lifted. 

Good luck in your future gaming endeavors.


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