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I was banned for no reason

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Hello and thanks for participating in our ban appeals process.

2 Days ago you weren't playing on and RustEZ servers but you were playing on others. You can find the servers you have played in the history section in the main rust menu.

You were banned on our servers on Sept 22. 2021

Your 1st warning was for stealing from a player furnace and it as sent in both English and Spanish.

Your 2nd warning was for stealing items from a players body bag/inventory as well as stealing items from a monument you didn't participate or contribute towards. I personally spoke to you about this and also sent a console warning after you continued to laugh and taunt in Spanish and English before flying away with your friend in a mini.

Your 3rd and final infraction that led to you being banned was for player griefing and harassments. You entered a players base through a base exploit and refused to leave the base. You became toxic in VC and have been harassing players throughout the day.

You were informed/educated on the servers rules & given numerous chances and ample time to correct your gameplay. Instead you chose to continue to break server rules.

Your ban is justified and will stand.  *Check your game history for the servers you have played on*  I truly hope one of them better suits your gameplay and style.

- Northstarz

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