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I got banned for trying to see if people agreed what my dad said was homophobic because im not very smart in that department

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I said in chat " British and gay are the same thing" then i saaid my dad said that and i thought it was cringe. I didnt mean to be mean to anyone i was just trying to see if people agreed that it was cringe or not. I am sorry for saying this and i hate that i was homophobic please unban because i love this server.

I did say these things if i get a perma ban i would totally agree with that. I will take some time to figure out why it was bad and then i will never say it again. I will inform my father as well that what he said was wrong and that he should never say that again.

I was banned by Rosemarry and on the server Us RustEZ Scourge PvE

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I thank you for acknowledging your error in judgement.  Your ban will expire in 72 hours after it was initiated.

Please take some time to think things over:  if a 'joke' makes you cringe, please do not post it in chat.  Homophobia is not permitted in any form on our servers.


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