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Easter Express Build Contest - All Servers


Vote for your Favorite Easter Build  

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  1. 1. Favorite Survival Build

    • US-Survival Razzleberry: Easter Shoppe - M9
    • US-Survival Amanda.Please: Hippity Hop Nightclub - H17
    • US-Survival Nova (s1mplenova): Bunny Nova's Brunch 'n Go - G15
    • US-Survival Tweets: The Choco Cache - K8
    • US-Survival Yetidom: Can I offer you a nice [Easter] egg in this trying time L8
    • US-Survival LpLuna: Easter Detox Retreat L8
  2. 2. Favorite Pure Build

    • AU-Pure Ryzzle: Ryzzle's Pre-Loved Goods W10
    • AU-Pure Tinychikn: Tiny's Tiny Station I7
    • AU-Pure Bluelambb & WEM: Final Destination Station R5/R6
    • US-Pure Leela: Bunny Organics - J20
    • US-Pure BeaverofMight: ArtCoop Photo Booth - J13
    • US-Pure [OGLG] Cain: The Easter Basket J15
    • US-Pure GalaxyCake: The Great Egg Attraction and Gift Shop! K7
    • US-Pure Fusion·aPe·: Big Bunny Foo I11
    • US-Pure Mayor Sir Lord McGuffin, ESQ: Easter Train Stop G20
  3. 3. Favorite Scourge Build

    • AU-Scourge Chugalug: Choc Bunnies Resort W17
    • EU-Scourge ElGundi: EASTER EZ CINEMA (Egg Run on Air) W14
    • US-Scourge BlastinPanda: Happy Easter - G19
    • US-Scourge Decay: Decay's easter Cafe - N6
  4. 4. Favorite Admin Build

    • US-Survival Vaswulf: Shining Easter Station - V17
    • US-Survival Novak: V17
    • US-Survival CreatureFeature: Easter Bunnicula R21
    • AU-Pure Butter: Butter Station X13
    • AU-Scourge TiffDust: Bunny Brain W13

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I've got my fare and just a rifle to spare...

We're hosting a new build contest for players on all RustEZ servers. Build a public Easter-themed shop or community space and enter to win store credits and other in-game prizes for next wipe!  The build can be anything you choose (food market, tea shop, weapons, disco, pub, café -- be creative), however it must follow these rules: 

  • Stand-alone shopfront or public community space, not connected to your base or other build
  • Must be within 10 foundations from the above-ground railroad track
  • Maximum build size of 25 foundations (you may use 10 additional foundations to create a walkway from the tracks to your build entrance)
  • Maximum 3 walls height (plus roof if applicable)
  • Contains at least 5 Rust Easter items
  • Sign or banner near entrance with your build (or IGN) name


You may enter only one build. Reply to this forum thread and provide the following details by Midnight EST (5 am GMT) Sunday, April 24, 2022.

  • Your in-game name
  • The server your contest build entry is on (i.e. AU-Survival, EU-Pure, US-Scourge and so on)
  • The map grid ID location of the build
  • One screenshot showing the front of the build
  • One screenshot showing the interior of the build


1st ($10 EZ Credit), 2nd ($5 EZ Credit), and 3rd (3x Supply Drops) will be chosen on Pure, Survival, and Scourge (all regions included for each) and admin builds as a separate category. Winners will be chosen by community forum poll vote, after admins have verified the build meets the requirements.

- Pure (AU, EU, US)
- Scourge  (AU, EU, US)
- Survival (AU, EU, US)
- Admin Builds (Admins may use admin tools to build)


We will meet in Discord and on the EZ servers to board the Easter Express train on April 29/30th, stopping at each contest entry build along the route. Build Tour event times will be posted in advance in Discord. The community forum poll vote will be posted following the Build Tours Event.

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  • Aurora pinned this topic

Just wanted to say - for anyone on Pure who doesn't have the skins who wants to participate, Drop me a message on here, and make me a bag, and have the mats - we can agree on a time/day,  I'll come in, skin the stuff for you, so you can join the contest.  - that includes the bunny [sweet garage] door, bunny box, rustege eggs, easter wreath, easter bag, bunny pants, bunny hoodie, and bunny hat. chocolate revolver, chocobars box, choco rock, choco thompson, easter bandit mask, egg bandit mask, egg hunter AR, and the Nest Hat [good for easter Egg pickups when the event starts]. 

[Christmas isn't the only holiday my wife likes] 

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