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banned - rustez au pve

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I have been banned by postanou in this game for political talk and player disrespect . 

Dealing first with player disrespect : I really love the community on this server. So many really nice people and friends. In any such community there is probably going to couple of people who, for one reason or another,  don't get on.  And i admit that i have, in the past, taken a dig at other such players when i felt they were being a dick. And i admit that my  normal way of speech (in RL) is probably a little more coarse and direct then what some people in game are used to. Unfortunately this has probably translated to somethings i might have said in game chat and caused offence . But never has by intent ever been racial, sexiest, toxic or disrepectful to anyone. And never do i  carry on any sort of relentless vendetta. Even the guy who stole 10,000 of my LGF, 10 minutes later i'm helping him out with some scrap and guns etc. Just say what I say and move on.  If any player does feel disrepected for any reason , i offer you my humble apologise. 

Now to political talk . i was not talking about politics i was talking about war... and where ANZAC day, memorial day, the US national anhem and countless other things are not concidered political they are all about war.  As to was my discussion in game chat of the Snake island soldier saying in the first day of the war "Russian warship, go F*** yourself". Postanou had warned me months ago about this exact same topic, and the reason was it was  "controversial" . At the time, in the first days of the war,  i could see that this was a fair conclusion.

Since that time "Russian warship, go F*** yourself". has transformed into > an internet meme > a song ( at least3) > an offical postage stamp > a wiki page > countess t'shits and other merchandise > has a trademark application > and is a cry that will go down in history as a metaphor on standing against evil . As such i was confident it would no longer be considered "controversial". And i just like it . sounds like something i would say ))). 

if the kind "ban gods" can look favourably on my appeal i will take the famous advice of Basil Fawlty "Don't mention the war"


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  • Staff

After reviewing the warns/temp bans and chat logs. This ban will remain in place. Our policy of No Political speech was in place to let all players find a safe place to game and not have to deal with RL issues. Just because its a "meme" do not make it correct. Also looking over the your past chat history in context, honestly the admin team has been lenient up to this point. That being said I good luck in your future rust endeavors and I truly hope you find a server that fits your play style.   

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i'm a bit rough and tumble .. just a product of my world ..  i ask that you allow me back to prove that even the "worst "of ppl can reform .. i love this community and will do my best to reform  .. make this last warning .. hate to grovel .. but pls . my friends are here. ( btw. my play style is to help everyone i can possibly help)



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