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Some suggestions/ideas I would like to see in the future for scourge.

Lazy Lion

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I've been enjoying this server for over a year now and I've seen some things on other servers that would do well here. 

1. One of them being a modded building inside outpost that homes a quest giver that the player can select quests from and earn varied rewards for completing them like mine x amount of stone or kill x amount of zombies/scientists or fish x sharks/swipe a keycard ect.  Having quests and goals could prolong players game time.


2. I've been enjoying the new shop more than I thought I would.  Selling raw materials for net-worth instead of explosives have made the server feel more active with different ways to grind.  If we could sell fish to the shop sometimes on the rotation it would make sealabs/rivers/bandit/ocean fishing docks a more communal and social area with fellow fishers. 

Also adding teas to the sell shop rotation would also regulate the prices/reward farmers for having varied teas saved/an option to dispose of left over berries/teas before a server wipe. 


3. Finally Garrison is fun and all but other servers have different and on a rotating basis raid-able base designs that switch up your approach to the loot.  They also have colored domes showing where they are/what level difficulty it is/if someone is currently raiding it/more importantly gives the player a time limit on when they can raid a similar level of base again.  Personally I would love an island somewhere off in the ocean where people can't build on that randomly spawns these raidable bases.  It would give much needed value to all the rockets and c4 we get from all these heli's/brads.  Also would make flamethrowers useful for breaking into an easy wood base design. 


Keep on keeping on and thanks for a great community! 

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  • Staff

1. We're waiting to see how the new mission system evolves before we make plans on expanding it.

2. I'll consider adding fish as a sellable item to the shop in a future update

3. We have huge plans for NPC bases. Garrison was the first tier, out of 3 planned, that will spawn randomly. However after releasing this feature it was added to the backburner as we focus on larger projects. As it is now, we're leaning towards removing spawnable npc bases and having them apart of the map throughout with varying difficult instead.

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