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I think it would be very beneficial to bring back the purge for non active players. Seems like people are coming in building these big ass bases with loads of lag causing amenities and just never coming back so we're left with lagg and loads of bulidings not being utilized and new players not having places to build. MR DEATH PLEASE BRING IT BACK PLEASE AND THANKS.

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This combined with a previous suggestion on faster decay for Twig would be perfect.

Twig is great for an emergency shit shack should you need to log out safely and quickly but thats it. Those who wish to build large bases still can, they just need to remain active and upgrade to wood (or higher) as they go. This will not stem creativity as you can build a bit, upgrade and build a bit more (rinse and repeat) but will aid keeping those laggy, ugly monstrosities to a minimum.

Failing that, add a Net Worth charge for each Twig block you own thats still standing after 24hours of placement, you upgrade the charge stops, you run out of Net Worth, the council comes over to demolish it (maybe send an admin over to kneecap the player too)

Thank you, drive through.

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