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Reset of outpost, buying out of entire stock


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Seems to be a bit of unbalance in the use of the wood exchange at outpost.

Players will wait at outpost literally in front of the vendor, for the daily cooldown to reset, then literally buyout the entire stock of wood in one go (couple of million in one go).

Other players will then only be able to buy stacks of 5K per purchase.

This causes what seems to be an unbalance in game play.

Some players are not obsessed with increasing their networth  and only want to buy wood for their builds.


  • Maybe limit transaction amount of wood per person per day if possible
  • Maybe rebalance the /shop selling items each page renewal (mix up the values each time the page renews, e.g. charcoal is $0.04 this time, then next time it's $0.01)


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I've seen this to be the case ever since the Giant Excavator buff (from FP) and the instancing of it on EU Scourge. Which is very neat! But the amount of stone that has been produced with it through some players has been insane. It's so easy to buy tons & tons of Diesel Fuel with Low Grade Fuel at Outpost that you can just dump the GE full and wait for it all to come in.


Another suggestion with that could be to potentially limit (or remove in extreme situations) the ability to buy Diesel Fuel with Low Grade at Outpost . It would reduce alot of the stone generated into the server & encourage people more to pick up the old pickaxe and actually go mining & work for their mula  XD

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  • Staff

To clarify, it's intentional we aren't touching restocks as we're using that as a control to balance the black market. It's still a WIP so give us a couple of wipes to get ahead of new metas.

Right now we're collecting usage data from the black market to identify trends to better balance the exchange rates of resources.

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