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The /Shop should buy guns and armor


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Hi all,

This is my first wipe on the US/EU Scourge servers and I've had a blast.  However, I've seen numerous posts and discussions regarding current farming metas and resource uses and spent my time learning about these issues.  Currently I see that even with the changes to the wood/charcoal pricing, it is still an order of magnitude better than just selling scrap (literally... it ends up being $1/scrap vs the $0.10 direct sell price).

To encourage behavior that is the backbone of the PVE server experience, I'd like to suggest the direct sale of both guns and explosives.  Of course, exact net worth value will have to be balanced, but this would:

  1. Encourage players to continue to run monuments
  2. Encourage crafting across all levels
  3. Remove the incentive to give away high tier items to players because they have greater value

Fundamentally, this has some complications with features such as shared looting, instancing etc, but I believe that can be balanced in terms of value.  The goal of the server should be to have players different means of obtaining net worth or enjoyment.  Ultimately, I can't help but think about how utterly worthless my armor and weapons are in the light of components and raw materials which is one of the reasons I think the pickle/wood/charcoal/stone farming has become what it is today.

Thanks for your time,


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  • Staff

Thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure adding items like that to the sell tab would be an overly accepted change. Since you can easily recycle those items for raw materials and sell it that way. Adding these items to the sell tab would add more items in rotation, thus making them appear less frequently.

I'll keep an eye on this thread to see how it develops. Thank you again!

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