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June 2nd wipe - US Pure - lets play rust

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Heading into my 4th wipe in rust and I love the game more every time we start over, the people I've met and the memories have been priceless.  I laugh myself into tears almost every time I play it seems like.  Anyway, off topic, going into wipe 4 Old Timey's "not a cult" is looking to gather some more friendly people.  We start each wipe with a full team it seems but end of the first week we're down to just 3 of us. @JoeyThicc @Jazmare and myself tend to be the follow throughs.   We tend to get a little disruptive at times or even have more fun than we should. I know @Northstarz has had to ask me to  not send 30 rockets at @Carpediems light house whiles she's decorating.... but I digress.  We enjoy having a good time, this wipe we plan to stream a bit as we've set forth a million scrap challenge using the most vanilla methods possible.   Plans for another dealership, another in game store to reflect items in the rustez store, and hopefully we get back to hosting events.  I'd like to setup a death race style triathlon around the entire map using helis/cars/water transport with check points and objectives.  If you're interested let me know. 

Oh... fyi you can kill the chinook with C4  


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