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Ban appeal

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this sounds dumb but i was trying to say bigger dick

i was going to type on my friends bed "bigger dick" as a funny thing to do but b and n was next to each other so it was "nword dick" instead im sorry for it because i was speed typing but i still suck at speed typing

(if dick is also not allowed im also sorry for that)  
the image was from my friend


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Thank you for appealing. 

With the current cancel culture in the world, racism in all aspects of society is being closely scrutinized.  While we do understand that it still heavily permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers. While your explanation, on the surface, seems to be legitimate we are aware of what was written. It was not "bigger dick". Your explanation does not hold up.

Words such as what were used on your account, are not welcome in any context. 

This is plainly stated on the server's loading screen before you enter.

Additionally, this is also stated on Facepunch's Terms of Service. 

Here are resources that you can explore to learn more:


Anti-Racism Glossary


Anti-Racism Resources



The ban will not be lifted.

You are solely responsible for what happens on your account. 
We wish you the best of luck.

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