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The twig base solution


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Change it so that twig costs something unobtainable for upkeep costs, so it will decay as you cannot provide the item for upkeep? (i.e Sticks)

This would allow building the starting shape for upgrading and provide some prototyping time but would not allow the base to survive unless upgraded beyond twig.

No more twig mega bases.

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21 hours ago, CypherXP said:

All they would have to do is at least farm a little more wood to upgrade to proper wood. It's not like the twig falls apart in 5 minutes, somewhere around 20-30 mins.

This is not bad, but a bit on the extreme side as sometimes players have time limits on how long they can play due to things like work, school, kids etc. So sometimes they don't have the time to fully upgrade their base to at least wood. But it's not a total bad idea. Maybe make it a decay of 24 hours. Gives those with limited play time a chance to upgrade if they have to leave and come back the next day to finish the base (which I have done) and still prevent twig mega bases.

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3 hours ago, CypherXP said:

It could work with both, extend twig decay to 24 hours + unobtainable upkeep material so that stuff made of twig cannot last longer than 24h (maybe upto 48h? to be fair)

It would definitely cut down on twig mega bases.

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