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building restrictions


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I really think we do need building restrictions I know it isnt something is probably going to happen but ppl are building 3 bases and combining it into 1 base others are building so big it takes up a entire swamp then there are others that are using so much electricity they are using atleast 5+ wind turbines and some have 10 plus search lights for their base is so big it is getting kinda out of hand I mean I had one base I almost flew into for there was so much to load in and they built a tall tower for no reason i could see but to crash ppls helis. if ya need evidence of how ppls builds are getting out of control then tour the scourge servers and I am sure you can see where I am coming from I am sure there are builds on the other servers with the same issues but I have only been playing the scourge servers which is why I speak with that perspective

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On 7/26/2022 at 5:30 PM, Sgttuggle said:

 they built a tall tower for no reason i could see but to crash ppls helis.

I have a rather tall tower (about 6 or 7 blocks high) and this is to take on the attack choppers.


Its a 6*6*6 tower, with rooms for storeage (ammo / Rockets etc) and beds for quick respawns.

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