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US Scourge Minimalist Build Contest for August 2022

Rosemary Mint

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The best things come in small packages...

We're hosting a new build contest for players on the US Scourge RustEZ server.  That's correct, only on US Scourge - they know what they did!

Have a "minimalist" build as your main base for the August 2022 wipe on US Scourge.  We'll have five categories:

* Solo (single bed)
* Small team (2-4 players / beds)
* Large team (5+ players / beds)
* Pumpjack base (2 or more pumpjacks)
* Farm base (16 or more large planters)

Build as small and efficiently as possible, while still keeping all the Rust essentials (repair bench, workbench, storage, etc.).  Be as creative as you want, but you must follow these rules:

* Must be your primary base on US Scourge.  Any larger base found on US Scourge will result in disqualification.
* No search lights, and no more than one windmill.  (No limit nor penalty for solar panels; you will not have to buy a test generator to compete.)
* Sign or banner near entrance with your build name or in-game name


You may enter only one build.  Reply to this forum thread and provide the following details by Midnight EST (5 am GMT) Sunday, August 21, 2022.

* Your in-game name
* The category your build entry will be in (solo, small team, large team, pumpjack, or farm)
* The map grid ID location of the build
* One screenshot showing the front of the build
* One screenshot showing the interior of the build


We will have two sets of prizes to hand out.  One based on voting, as usual, plus a 2nd "technical" prize based on a calculation of space efficiency.

Voting prizes, per category: $5 EZ Credit
Technical prizes:  $5 EZ Credit for solo, small team, and pumpjack bases;  $10 for large team and farm bases.

Prize winners will divvy up their prizes amongst themselves for entries with more than one player.


We will meet in Discord and on the EZ servers to tour the tiny bases on August 21st, stopping at each contest entry build.  Tour times will be posted in advance in Discord.  The community forum poll vote will be posted following the Build Tours Event, with winners determined by the end of the month.

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seems like you might want to close entries way earlier than the date specified? Otherwise I could see it being 2 weeks of everybody doing their same thing, then them having the option of picking up windmills/lights and downsizing to post before the deadline.

Idk tho; maybe you guys have a way to quantify everybody's individual entity impact pretty easy over the course of a wipe kind of like pipes-count on Survival can be checked anytime? 🤷‍♂️

Either way, seems like u'd have to kind of check along the way. At least with an earlier post deadline you guys could have a list smaller than the whole playerbase to keep track of?

Very cool idea for an event, regardless. and Thx to the team, as always

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does the solo must have bed/repair bench/research table within the building, or can a sleeping bag be used instead of bed, because 'minimalists' do not usually opt for a bed. :D. also repair and research are usually dropped/used/spawned when needed, or right outside door?  so does the build require all bed, research, repair within closed walls?

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not sure if this qualifies but yeah, here is my sub mission

C10 on map

Coastal Base

2 -player

2- testgens (one really)

2- lvl 10 pumpjacks

3- furnaces

10(12) - refineries (added 2 because got a little behind on refining)

8 - planters

6 - water catchers

4- water barrels 

6 - water pumps

2 - water purifiers

all workbenchs 

mini copter garage

vvv--base tour in video link--vvv



Scrap heli pad / shop (just foundations except shop walls & roof)

Boat/Sub garage (no storage containers also needed build priv in water for water pumps)

pumpjack building (just a shell to muffle the noise)



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